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As we discussed in our last blog post Boiler Cover in Spring? Why Bother? it’s easy to forget about your boiler in summer, but it really is the best time to consider making improvements to your heating system, no matter how small, to save you money in the long term.

There are lots of ways to save – and we’re here to help you no matter what it is you’re looking for.


Boiler servicing

A service is a relatively standard engineering task that typically takes around an hour to complete. It involves running a number of checks to ensure the boiler’s working efficiently and safely. So why is it then that the larger national providers charge more for it than more local providers? To make more money off their customers? Because they have larger overheads to cover? Whatever the reason, we feel it’s not value for money when you can spend just £72 with us versus £90 or more with a national provider*. That’s a saving of 20% right off the bat, plus the additional benefit of supporting local a local Ayrshire business too.

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New boiler installations

Replacing your old boiler has a number of advantages, so let’s quickly step through them one by one:

Gas bill savings: According to the Energy Savings Trust, savings of over £300 on your bill are achievable for larger houses. For average semi-detached homes, it is more likely to be around £200 but it all depends on the energy efficiency of your current boiler. Either way, if your boiler’s at the latter end of a usual life cycle (12+ years), it’s likely decent savings can be made. One thing to consider though is that it may not always look like you’re saving money if energy prices continue to increase – but in that case, spending the same is as good a saving rather than spending more.

The install cost: Again, the EST state the average cost of an install is £2,300. At O’Neil Gas, our installs package including the boiler, labour, fittings, filter, chemical flush and new controls (upgradable to Smart Heating) starts at just £1,600 with no deposit required.

Post-install reassurance: New boilers come with a warranty on the boiler itself and these can often be extended for an additional, but that doesn’t include if there are any issues with your wider heating system. At O’Neil’s, we also give you a whole year of 24/7/365 cover O’Neil Care Gold worth £186 to ensure you’re covered for any issues and includes a FREE boiler service to maintain your warranty (worth over £70), for no additional cost.

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Protection from expensive (and unwanted!) boiler repairs

It’s reported that boiler repairs can cost anywhere between £150 and £500** to get resolved – including parts and labour, averaging out at £182^^. That’s money that can be hard to come by at short notice to get a key appliance in your home up and running again quickly, not to mention the hassle and time required to find a reputable engineer who’s available when you need them. Boiler cover provides protection against this and prioritises customers over those who aren’t covered to get engineers there quickly when you most need them. Our O’Neil Care Gold cover is just £186 per year with no call-out fees and covers you for breakdowns, provides 24/7 access to local gas-safe engineers, and includes a FREE boiler service every year you stay with O’Neil’s. So, for just £4 more per year, payable monthly, it really does make sense to sign-up today.

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Smart heating controls

Smart controls have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. They’re designed to put the ability to control your heating in the palm of your hand, wherever you are via an app on your smartphone as well as on a thermostat in your home, simultaneously. Not only can you turn the heating up, down, and amend schedules, some also use geofencing to track where you are (if you give it permission to do so) so that the controls can automatically turn your heating down when you leave the house and turn it on when you’re heading back.
All of these small steps in your personalised smart heating service could save you around £120 on your heating bill annually^, and it only takes an hour for our engineers to install. This is certainly an investment worth considering ahead of winter so if you have any questions on smart heating controls, give our team a call on 01292619851.

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