Oil Boiler Service

Although boiler servicing is often seen as an ‘unnecessary expense’, having your boiler serviced regularly is important for three key reasons:

  1. Safety: If your boiler is not combusting properly it could be giving off lethal carbon monoxide fumes. During your service an engineer will check the boiler for these leaks, to make sure that it is safe.
  2. Reliability: Un-serviced boilers are more likely to breakdown or develop problems. By regularly servicing your boiler, you will reduce the chance of expensive maintenance issues.
  3. Efficiency: If oil boilers are not serviced annually they can “soot-up”. This means that your boiler will be less efficient, as it will need to use more fuel to maintain a regular temperature. During the service an engineer will clean out the soot, making your boiler more efficient and cost-effective.

What Is Included in an Oil Boiler Service

During your service, the engineer will check that your boiler is in good working condition, as well as testing the safety and efficiency of your system. Oil boiler servicing usually takes around one hour, during this time the engineer will:

  • Visually inspect the boiler and all associated pipes to make sure that they comply with current safety regulations.
  • Inspect and clean out the flue.
  • If required replace or clean the oil filters and oil nozzle.
  • Use a flue gas analyser to check combustion to make sure burning correctly
  • Check the supply pipe for any signs of leakage.
  • Remove the boiler casing and clean internal components (like the heat exchanger and burner).
  • Make sure your oil boiler is operating as efficiently as possible to keep you fuel bills down
  • Test all safety systems to make sure that they are functioning correctly (this includes any thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices).
  • Ask if you have experienced any issues with the boiler.
  • Turn the boiler on to check that it is working correctly.


Oil Boiler Repairs

We also offer a call out & repair service for any breakdowns to Oil Burning Boilers. All our engineers are fully qualified & registered with OFTEC to guarantee you get the same high standard of service you expect from O’Neil’s.

We have 14 full time engineers so we are always able to offer a quick service day or night & have a dedicated member of the office support team available to source spare parts from all over Scotland so we can again guarantee a quick response which vastly reduces the time you are without heating & hot water.

Servicing AGA/Rayburns

We offer servicing & repairs to AGA/Rayburns heat-storage cookers that have taken pride of place at the heart of family life since 1922. In return for a little love and attention every now and then, your AGA/Rayburns cooker will reward you with incredible food, ambient warmth and a kitchen that is the heart and soul of your home.

It is vital to have your AGA/Rayburns heat-storage cooker serviced regularly to ensure that it performs like a dream, morning, noon and night. By having your AGA/Rayburns cooker serviced by O’Neil Engineer you can guarantee that all the parts used are authentic and that the engineer working on your cooker is fully trained and qualified.

Maintenance Packages

We also offer service maintenance packages for your oil boiler. O’Neil Care packages are available for Gas & Oil boilers

By sign up to O’Neil’s service plans you will have your oil appliance regularly serviced but also you will get priority call outs…

Never worry about not having cooking, heating or hot water in your home again. If the worst happens and your boiler breaks down, simply call our emergency helpline and in no time at all one of our OFTEC registered engineers will be round to restore your warmth.

Our service plans saves you money and stress…

You can relax knowing that O’Neil’s have you covered.

We have over 4,000 customer already on different service plans and we can design one that suits your particular requirements…

All O’Neil Care engineers are registered with OFTEC which means you can rest assured that your boiler is in the safest hands. O’Neil has been delivering quality services to happy customers since 1995 and each year carries out over 20,000 service and repair calls across the West of Scotland, we are experts in what we do.


What you get with O’Neil Care

  • Access to qualified & highly trained Oil & Gas engineers
  • Annual service of your boiler/cooker
  • Rapid response times

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